Time. It’s such a peculiar thing. Scary, and very hard to grasp. Time can also be relieving, in its own way.

Let’s put things into perspective. The earth is around 4,543 billion years old. That’s 4543 million years. If you’re lucky, you’re here for about 80 of those years. You are here for a mere eighty years out of four-thousand-five-hundred-and-forty-three million years.

Let that sink in.

It’s so little. It’s close to nothing. It’s the tiniest speck on a speck on the biggest timeline you’ve ever seen. However, it feels like a very long time for us. After all, that speck is all the time we have on this planet. It just tells how insignificant we are. Our problems, our pride, and our fears are even less so.

So, while you’re here, alive, how dare you not take risks? How dare you not fail? How dare you not fuck up? How dare you not try new things that you’re curious about? How dare you not chase your dreams? How dare you waste your life living someone else’s life? How dare you live your life based on other peoples thoughts and way of thinking? How dare you let other people tell you how you should live your life? How dare you let other peoples voices, ideas, and opinions drown your own? How dare you not follow your heart and your intuition? How dare you not live the life you want to? How dare you not live?

There are no excuses for not living the life you want. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except that little speck of time, which in the end is all you have.