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Yeah, so about that LinkedIn..

I LinkedOut..



I used to have LinkedIn but I didn’t find it to be valuable or giving in any sort of way so I deleted it.

I don’t regret it, but I regret to inform you that I don’t have LinkedIn anymore.

Don’t worry.

You didn’t miss anything.

Nothing special happened there anyway.


At all.


You should delete it.


It looked pretty much like this:



But, since you wanted my LinkedIn I can give you the next best thing which is all the info that was on my LinkedIn.

Sound good?


Here it is.

Work Experience


Designer, astronaut, lawyer, financial advisor, debt collector and social media intern.

2012 – Present

The Finnish Defence Forces


2016 – 2017




Education stuff.


UX Design Degree




Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Figma, Affinity-suite, Framer, Webflow, WordPress, and pretty much any other basic tech software. I also know how to use a DSLR camera.


Norwegian, Finnish, English, Un poco de Español.


Juho did extraordinary work for our company by really pushing the limits to come up with something great that really worked for our brand. Juho has an eye for design like very few that I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked at Apple for 10 years! Brilliant work, super responsive and great to work with.

Filip Iliescu

Engaging Juho to create my new firm’s brand identity, has been a truly innovative, thought provoking, and immensely rewarding process. Not only did we end up with an absolutely brilliant logo, but along the way Juho also made me very aware of my firm’s ethical and professional values. To see this expressed in the new identity is a true piece of art

Ingjerd Leirstein Bøkenes

While trying to find a graphic designer we came across Juho’s website and previous designs. It was easy to see that he was professional and wanted to be connected to the process when designing rather than just treating it as a job. He showed depth and meaning in making our design with his intentional displays of care like his enthusiasm in responding to our first email, a detailed questionnaire about our vision before even starting an actual design, and a formal presentation with each iteration to give us a realistic idea of what our design would feel like in actuality. He made us feel important to the process and left us with what one of our instagram followers called “a masterpiece of a graphic design”. We cant wait to see it all over our products and platforms for years to come.

Matthew Betancourt

That’s all folks!

If you have any further questions about my past, present or future then send me an email to and I’ll get back to you.